SAP Business One - Dashboards, Web Dashboards, KPI's and more!

This year has seen a major focus on dashboarding and KPI reporting across all of our clients. As such we have deployed various standard solutions such as PowerBI, SQL Server Reporting Services and most interestingly the dashboard capabilities (as standard) within the Boyum Usability solution.

We have also seen an approach to delivering a User Interface incorporating personalised dashboards specific to role or person along with related functions applicable to the daily/weekly/monthly demands as can be seen in this User Interface deployment.

Web Dashboards for SAP Business One

Earlier this year Boyum introduced Web Dashboards! A great application for this is as a remote access dashboard or indeed a dashboard on a large scale TV in the Warehouse, Sales, Production etc monitoring key statistics, sales calls, picks etc.. Here are various dashboards that ship as standard. We can also share that Boyum are looking at incorporating a timer to enable a defined periodic refresh capability! 

Login security control by SAP Business One

CRM Dashboard for SAP Business One 

Production Dashboard for SAP Business One

Sales Dashboard for SAP Business One

What is B1 Usability Package for SAP Business One?

For those of you who are new to SAP Business One and Boyum, The Boyum Pack helps make SAP Business One an intuitive ERP Sytem. It brings more productivity to the system. Some of the key benefits of the Boyum IT Usability Package (B1UP) includes ensuring data quality, enhanced user experience and optimising work through automation. Some of the reporting tools in B1UP includes B1 dashboards, data visualisation, custom reports based on HANA or SQL and Crystal reports

Have a look at the introduction to B1UP below!

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