Shop Floor Safety

Improve and maintain shop floor safety while tracking corrective actions and hazard assessments.

Shop Floor Safety

Your safety program is a critical part of your business, and proper record keeping is crucial to keeping it compliant with regulatory agencies and industry groups. The Safety Logbook app makes it simple. With Safety Logbook, you will improve shop safety by recording and publishing hazard assessments, logging and implementing corrective actions, and tracking employee certifications and training.


Ensure your safety records are always thorough and up-to-date. The Safety Logbook provides integrated record keeping for certifications, near misses, incidents, and all other HSE-related activities. Generate employee history reports, management dashboards, and comprehensive incident investigation reports.

With the Safety Logbook, you’ll promote safety best practices and improve the quality and effectiveness of your safety program.

  • Enhance the quality and effectiveness of your safety program
  • Improve shop safety by tracking corrective actions and hazard assessments
  • Manage compliance with governmental regulations
  • Track and analyze all safety-related incidents and activities
  • Generate or print an employee’s entire HSE history, including certifications and incidents
  • Properly plan for employee re-certification

Log multiple activities including general logs, near misses, first aids, injuries, lost time, hazard assessments, training and certifications, safety meetings, audits and inspections, employee orientations, medical aids, and safety drills. Record and analyze event duration, severity, lost time, and other statistics.


Track detailed injury information to maintain comprehensive incident records. Streamline reporting to regulatory agencies by providing detailed information in a consistent format.



Reduce the risk of repeat incidents by recording requirements for follow-up training, work practice reviews, engineered controls, and root cause review.



Associate any log with specific departments and any dimension code.


Include detailed comments to describe the event or incident.



Associated employees, such as actors, responders, witnesses, trainees, meeting attendees, etc.



Include external documents, such as government forms, training certifications, etc.


Related Logs

Include related logs, such as follow-up training, hazard assessments, engineered controls, etc.



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