ezyCollect: Supported for MYOB Advanced and SAP Business One!

Accounts Receivable and Debtor Management to help your customers pay you fast!


What Is ezyCollect?

ezyCollect is a third-party app that connects with MYOB Advanced and SAP Business One and helps you accelerate your rate of cash recovery and generate more working capital for growth by helping your customer pay you faster. 

With the help of ezyCollect you can create more time for the things that count in your business as your collection efficiency will improve.

With cash and time on your side, the future looks brighter.

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Become the Cashflow Hero with ezyCollect!

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More predictable cash flow

You can now rely on prompt and predictable payments.

Help your customer improve their payment behaviour so you get all on-time payments you deserve and in-turn grow your business. 

ezyCollect's fast track payments system works while you sleep and never misses an opportunity to get you paid.

Stop missing out on millions and start counting your healthy cash flow.

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Our workflow improves productivity

ezyCollect will help you start the money collection process early so that early and you will never miss the opportunity to get paid the money you are owed. ezyCollect's best-in-class workflow means you are politely and persistently collecting money 24/7.

Go deeper with credit insights and further with debt collection. Go faster with cash recovery.

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More productive staff

Is your accounts team spending hours on chasing payments? Reclaim that time with ezyCollect!

ezyCollect will create your go-to debtor database, track every single invoice, and analyse and prioritise your debtor risk for you.

With ezyCollect, things like routine accounts receivable tasks become an automated breeze. The system is automated can take care of sending invoice copies, online payments, payment reminders and payment allocations.

Your Accounts staff get back hours every day to invest in customer care and high priority tasks.

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Less credit risk

With the help of ezyCollect you can get instant access to the calculated late payment risk of each and every customer on your database. Set and review credit terms based on data and robust evidence at your fingertips. Imagine being the first to know—not the last to know—of a looming default.

ezyCollect partners with a leading credit bureau to offer deep credit insights, credit reports and credit monitoring. Act early to protect your cashflow.

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What do accountants think?

Debra puts her clients first, and relationships are paramount. Watch how Debra helps her clients build better business with ezyCollect

Get help where you need it

Accounts receivable is a critical function in your growing businesses. Run your streamlined process from a central platform that promotes team sharing, customer self-service, and working capital solutions when you need them.

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Your data is safe

In today's day and age, it is very important that the platforms you use are safe and secure! ezyCollect understands this and therefore, your data security is a top priority. ezyCollects services are hosted by world-class cloud service provider AWS, in a private network not visible from the internet. All of ezyCollects card processing partners are PCI compliant.

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 Webinar Recording

How do you improve your cash flow now and in the future?

ezyCollect + Cloud Factory Webinar

Businesses have had ongoing issues with cash flow for as long as we can remember. 82% of the businesses in Australia fail because of poor cash flow management.

Therefore, Cloud Factory and ezyCollect conducted a Webinar to take you through how you can improve your cash flow now and for the future to not only stay in business but grow as a result of it!

Is this Webinar Recording for me?

This webinar is for business looking to understand the fundamentals of cash flow management 101. With this knowledge, you will be able to position your business for a robust comeback post-COVID-19 and turn your business into an agile enterprise that funds growth, outpace the competition and generates real cash.

Key takeaways include:

- How do you make it easier for customers to pay you - don't make paying you a barrier!

- How do you know IN ADVANCE which of your customers may be showing signs of paying late, or whom do you watch?

- How do you know IN ADVANCE which of your customers may be showing signs of paying late, or whom do you watch?

- How do you streamline your collection process to maximise cash received

- The human aspect of collections - an insight into best practice of keeping collections human

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