Virtually join us for the 2021 Wiise and BC User Group

Wiise and
Business Central
User Group 2021

1 Hour sessions, spread over time! Learn everything about the current release and what Wiise and Business Central provides! Join us Online!

Welcome to your 2021
Wiise and Business Central User Group

Welcome to the 365UG planning for 2021 where, through virtual sessions, you will learn all about the current state of release of  Wiise and Business Central and gain access to important new capability and understand how updates for the system may possibly provide ever greater productivity savings.


365 UG sessions will be conducted quarterly. We have broken down the User Group content into manageable sessions which allows everybody to select the sessions that they want to attend.  This is something that has often been requested but difficult to deliver until now.


Wiise and Business Central is the lifeblood for growing Australian Businesses and as such by attending you get to know the future direction of the product and capabilities.  We will manage questions and will forward hints and tips after the events. Please note that as we are now providing this on-line there is no limit to the audience.

You will be able to raise questions important to yourselves and of course this will be of interest to the greater audience during the online training.  You will have the option to choose which sessions make sense and you can register for any of the events and indeed all the events. 

Below are all the events we have planned with more in the pipeline that will be shared soon!

Online Interactive Training
Wiise and Business Central

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We will be posting all our Webinar training for 365UG 2021 below. Please Register as you go! 

Wiise and Business Central - 365UG November 2021

November 2021
Time: 12pm-1:00pm 

Details coming soon!

365UG Event Recordings 2021

Access all 365UG session recordings below!

Please note: information shared during these sessions may be out-dated today. Please contact us to confirm all facts!

Event Participants

Ross Gilchrist
ERP Evangelist, Landscape Advisor, SAP Certified since 2005
Cloud Factory 
Wendy Kumar
SAP Senior Consultant
Cloud Factory
Sandavi Samarawickrema
Practice Support – Dynamics 365
Cloud Factory
Franz Munnich
Account Manager
Cloud Factory
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