Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group Event 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group - Sales and CRM

50% Slides - 50% In-Action Workshop

Date: 26 April 2022

Time: 12pm-1pm


Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group - Wiise and Business Central
User Group


50% Slides - 50% In-Action Workshop

Hello and welcome back to our monthly User Group Training Event sponsored by Cloud Factory!  

As a WIISE/Microsoft Supported client Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group is dedicated to bringing updated Solution Information (brought about by product updates), Platform Updates, Solution Overviews, Tips and Tricks and other useful and associated information such as Dynamics CRM, PowerPlatform or Office 365.

This month we are talking about the CRM and Sales functionality built into Wiise and Dynamics 365 Business Central! The solutions provide your salespeople with the insights and action plans they need to bring in new clients, build strong relationships and close sales quickly.  It provides the sales managers with visibility on sales opportunities, pipelines, dashboards and more! The CRM aspect focuses on managing your relationships effectively with prospects and customers! 


So join us as we speak to you about Wiise and Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales and CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Sales CRM

Sales and CRM - Agenda



50% Slides
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Customer & Contact Cards review
  • Profile Questionnaires for Contacts
  • Sales Cycles, Stages and Opportunity Management
  • Segments and Campaigns



50% In-Action Workshop
  • In action workshop
When is the event?

Date: 26 April 2022
Time: 12-1pm

Who are the speakers for this event?

Wendy Jansz together with Franz Munnich will be delighted to take you through this online training on the day!

Will I be able to ask questions?

The online event is set in a webinar format. To avoid distractions and confusion during the event, all attendees will be on mute. However, you will be able to virtually put your hand up for questions or post the questions in the 'Questions' section and we will answer them at the end of the event!

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