SAP User Group Event 2020/2021

SAP Business One - Boyum

Date: 10 June 2021

Time: 12-1pm 

SAP Business One - Boyum

Hello and welcome to our Monthly User Group Training event held by the Inecom SAP Business One User Group team, SAP User Group 2021. 

SAP Business One with Boyum

The Boyum Pack adds even further configuration capability for SAP Business One and makes configuration a breeze whilst places this capability firmly into the hands of the client!

The Boyum Usability Pack, known as B1UP is an award-winning customisation tool that works independently of SAP to bring increased capability to SAP Business One without resorting to application customisation!


SAP Business One Boyum Web Dashboard





We will go through the following:
  • What is B1UP
  • Why is B1UP Used
  • How to quantify configuration costs through B1UP and SDK – through real examples delivered over time
  • What else does B1UP provide “out of the box”
When is the event?

Date: 10 June 2021
Time: 12-1pm


Who are the speakers for this event?

George together with Franz from Inecom will discuss and review BOYUM IT

Will I be able to ask questions?

The online event is set in a webinar format. to avoid distractions and confusions during the event, all attendees will be on mute. However, you will be able to virtually put your hand up for questions or post the questions in the 'Questions' section and we will answer them at the end of the event!

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