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SAP Business One - Dec 2022 - What SAP Business One Brings In 2023

You will learn everything about the current release and what SAP Business One 2023 provides! Join us to meet the team, guest speakers, and old friends from previous events!

This event has been postponed until further notice in 2023. Register to be kept in the loop!

Welcome to the SAP Melbourne Offices supporting your SAP Business One User group!


Welcome to the SAP Business One User Group where, finally, we can meet, after 3 years since we last sponsored an in-person SAP User Group!

However, surely it must be time we all shook each others hands (or elbows) reacquainted ourselves and together reviewed all that is current for SAP Business One for the modern business.  The aim from each of the guest speakers is to passionately share the current release details of SAP Business One or a specific domain area of interest/expertise.

We are in our 17th year working with SAP Business One and our 15th year where we have usually held SAP Business One User Group events at various locations in Melbourne.

SAP Business One is the lifeblood for your business and our passion!  As such by attending you get to better understand the capabilities of the solution and how it might best work for you today - not how it might have been implemented X years ago with the capabilities as they were.  The day will see your Team manage questions which, following the day, we will forward updates, from what we know is a full and daunting day!

Below are the topics that have been selected by various clients as meaning most to them and where its felt we can all benefit.

I can't help but agree with the input and ideas received, thank you, I am excited about the amount of content as in truth there is so much to talk about!  The team sincerely look forward to the day and helping you with your planning and ideas!

George Kantzavelos
Practice Manager - SAP Business One

Grab your coffee and danish - time for an
SAP Business One User Group Update!

Smiling charismatic speaker giving public presentation in conference hall


Welcome and Introductions

100% Slides

Guest Speaker: Andre Piennar
SAP - Head of Channel ERP
Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

SAP Business One is not the SAP Business One you once knew!

Time: 9:30AM

What's new in SAP Business One for 2023

50% Slides - 50% In-Action Workshop

Speakers: George Kantzavelos & Christie Mataac

Time: 10:00AM

SAP V10 Supported Platforms

100% Slides

Speaker: Luke Biadacz - Practice Director - Platforms

Desktop to Server to Database

Time: 11:30AM

Migrating Classic Interface to Web Client

50% Slides - 50% In-Action Workshop

Speaker: Christie Mataac - Practice Lead Consultant - SAP

From Sales to Insight to Teams to OneDrive

Time: 1:30PM

Microsoft Power Platform - Connecting to Microsoft Stack

50% Slides - 50% In-Action Workshop

Speaker: Ross Gilchrist - Managing Director

Time: 2:15PM

Dynamics 365 Sales Quotation - SAP Business One Order & Inventory Control

25% Slides - 75% In-Action Workshop

Speaker: Sandavi Samarawickrema - Practice Consultant - Dynamics 365

Time: 2:45PM

Power BI - Tableau - ZAP Datahub

25% Slides - 75% In-Action Workshop

Guest Speakers: Daniel Taft - Datalytix & Anthony Mendes - Practice Lead Consultant - SAP Integration

Time: 3:15PM

Migrating on-premise to Cloud

75% Slides - 25% In-Action Workshop

Speaker: Luke Biadacz - Practice Director - Platforms

All of the questions with all of the answers!

Time: 3:45PM

Conclusion - What was the aim of the day?

100% Slides - Summary

Your User Group Team

Drinks/Nibbles and one-on-one catch ups

Time: 4:15PM

When is the event?

This event has been postponed until further notice in 2023. Register to be kept in the loop!

Who are the speakers for this event?

See the Agenda for the full list of event participants.

Where will it be held?

SAP Cloud Support Centre
Level 15/484 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Will I get a recording?

If you are unable to attend live, still register as we’ll send you the recording.

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