MYOB Advanced User Group

MYOB Advanced - User Group - Customer Portal

Date: 30 March 2022

Time: 12-1pm


MYOB Advanced User Group - An Hour of Power! Customer Portal


Hello and Welcome to our MYOB Advanced Monthly User Group Training Event.  This event is proudly sponsored by the MYOB Advanced User Group (MAUG) Support Team.

Welcome back to training and learning all about MYOB Advanced!

This "Hour of Power" will see our team review the MYOB Advanced Customer Self-Service Portal.

This in-built solution enables our clients to create a customer portal experience where customers can access their information including contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more. The Customer Portal helps you communicate with customers and work more efficiently. The portals work with your MYOB Advanced  applications, such as CRM and Sales Order Management, to provide helpful tools to allow your customers to see all the relevant information about their interaction and perform account-related activities online. You can also reduce customer support questions by providing anytime access to your knowledge base and document sharing.

So! We will take you through the Customer Portal and demonstrate to you what is possible within this module.

Have a look at the agenda below!



MYOB Advanced Portal

The Agenda for this event includes a combination of Theory and Demo! Topics  include:




We will review the following Modules for feature updates:
  • Welcome and Introduction 
  • What is the customer portal 
  • Where and what is it used for 
  • Demo 
  • Q&A 



When is the event?

Date: 30 March 2021
Time: @Midday

Who are the speakers for this event?

Johnathon Keogh together with Franz Munnich will be delighted to take you through this online training on the day!

Will I be able to ask questions?

The online event is set in a webinar format. to avoid distractions and confusions during the event, all attendees will be on mute. However, you will be able to virtually put your hand up for questions or post the questions in the 'Questions' section and we will answer them at the end of the event!

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