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  • Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge - Overview/Inspection
  • Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge - Warehouse Management
  • Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge - Ship

Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge - Overview/Inspection Workshop

Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge Inspection is an application that can be leveraged to perform a multitude of actions on a database based on the passing or failing of “inspections”. We define inspections as a set of questions a user can be asked to answer, and based on their answers, actions can be taken, and the end users can be informed of tasks to complete post inspection. For example, you may need to have a driver of your freight complete an inspection to accept their freight into your warehouse. In this case, you’d want to ask them questions regarding their freight and trip. Based on their answers, you can then choose to accept their freight and those answers they gave you will be saved in the Inspection database for reference. Then, Inspection will perform any tasks or actions you defined for the inspection that took place.

In our Quality Assurance and Inspection System Workshop we will review:

  • Performing Inspection
  • ManualActions
  • Blind Inspections
  • Force Status
  • Reprocessing Inspections
  • Inspection WorkCentre

Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge - Warehouse Management Workshop

Revolutionise your Warehouse Operation by deploying a best in class WMS Combining radio frequency and bar-coding technology with a robust, three-tiered, internet-based architecture,Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge powered by Microsoft SQL Server delivers a powerful, scalable, and flexible real-time warehouse management system (WMS) designed to save you money! When you use SAP Business One you have everything you need to extend to the Warehouse.Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge is recognised as a world leading Best-of- breed WMS with of experience of thoroughly implementing systems with often complex customisations. With lower levels of functionality on ERP-based modules, extra customisation is often required to give the company precisely what it needs.

For the Finance Director, it’s all about the numbers! Typically, the upfront cost ofKorber K.Motion Warehouse Edge is more than the cost of a bolt-on module for the ERP. However, the finance department also needs to consider cost versus the return. A specialist WMS can save time, staffing costs, and inventory costs. Specialist warehouse management systems bring much improved stock accuracy, and cater for inventory strategies such as FIFO, serialisation and batch traceability, thus cancelling the need to hold additional stock or to have to dispose of out of date goods.

We will take you through a day in the life of a quotation in CRM to the final dispatch of the goods. We will cover off on bin rules, zones, guided picking. Event Topics Covered forKorber K.Motion Warehouse Edge – WMS:

  • Streamline operations and material handling processes
  • Access real-time status updates
  • Meet retail compliance demands
  • Improve operational efficiency (labor reduction)
  • Integrate with various material handling equipment including carousels, conveyors and pick to light systems
  • Optionally receive multiple POs and pick multiple SOs at a time
  • Integrate multi-carrier shipping to further streamline outbound processes
  • Optionally, use batch driven, paper based picking documents to collect orders and validate at a packing station

Event Workshops

Small Parcel and LTL Shipping – Integrated Multi-Carrier Shipping System

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Multi-carrier shipping system

Achieving a streamlined business process from order entry through delivery is becoming more challenging by the day: rules and regulations from the major carriers (Toll, StarTrack Express, TNT) are in a constant state of flux, LTL rates are all over the map and customer expectations continue to expand in today’s fast-paced global business climate. You can use the carriers’ systems, but that puts your personnel squarely in charge of determining the lowest cost means of delivery.

Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge solution is a multi-carrier shipping system designed flexibly to fit anywhere in your organization:

  • Integrated into an automated, high volume warehouse environment
  • Standalone within your mailroom
  • Running from your user’s desktops – either standalone or integrated with your ERP

The system was built using the latest technology, designed for scalability, and tuned for maximum performance in high volume applications. Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge Ship allows you to maximize cost savings by leveraging carrier selection with the multi-carrier rating engine.

Our solution helps you reduce your shipping costs, improve your shipment reliability, track every shipment, and maintain valuable key performance metrics. You can improve your customer service while driving out operational costs.

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Rating Server

At the heart of any multi-carrier shipping system is the rating server. Our shipping solution is no exception. Our server is designed for high volume, reliable shipping, and comprehensive carrier compliance – with the flexibility to scale from a single workstation to an enterprise level solution with multiple servers, load balancing and high availability to meet even the most advanced requirements.

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Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge Ship is certified by all the major parcel carriers. It has passed the USPS MAC certification and is a registered Confirmation Services and Express Mail Manifesting Vendor application. It provides a UPS Ready solution for worldwide parcel shipping as well as UPS Freight and UPS Mail Innovations extensions. And, it doesn’t stop there! It supports worldwide distribution options from a wide variety of carriers including FedEx, DHL and UPS.

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Journal Entries

Journal entries are posted automatically from the sales, purchasing, and banking function’s allowing you to create new journal entries and search for existing ones. Reversals of specified postings occurs on the first day of the following calendar month, but you can specify a different reversing date for each posting.

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